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Jennifer, Patrick and Marty are flying butterflies


Butterfly Tale is an animated feature film for the whole family set along the diverse, picturesque, and ever-changing backdrop of the great Monarch butterfly migration. 

A heartwarming tale of a gutsy and loveable yet inept, one-winged butterfly, named Patrick who stows away in a milkweed trailer in order to be part of the journey of a lifetime.

With his best friend, a goofy caterpillar named Marty, and Jennifer, a butterfly who is afraid of heights, Patrick will become an unlikely hero. 

But first he must face his fear, embrace his uniqueness and triumph over adversity while battling changing weather patterns, humans and three evil birds bent on revenge.

It is a tale of adventure, self-realization and heroism told with humour whose message is that our differences are less important than the bonds we share, and it is in adversity that our true character shines through.



A regular movie is a 2D image that appears on a flat screen. It looks like a normal picture, and you don't need any special accessories to see it.



Stereoscopic movies are made up of two images that are slightly different from each other. These images are projected onto the screen at the same time, and when you wear special glasses, your brain combines the two images to create a 3D effect. It's like looking at something through a window, and it makes the movie feel like it's coming right at you!



Screen X is a newer format that uses three projectors to create an image that wraps around the sides of the theater. This makes it feel like you're inside the movie, with images appearing all around you. It's kind of like being in a giant video game or a virtual reality experience!




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